Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I need a smoke!

Today was a really calm day, But man sometimes I just need a smoke! I am still not smoking but the cravings are so bad some days.

Tonight after the children leave, I am goiong to take my letter of complaint over to Doug. I hope Hazel gets her ass fired!

Rusty is doing much better today. He is much more balanced today, and not as moody. I know that the road to recovery is going to be long, but I am glad that today was easy.

One of my girlfriends just called me and asked how I was doing. I told her that I was doing good today, but Rusty said something to me that made me sad. I asked him to go out with me for a little bit and he said no because he is sick of people staring at him like he is some freak. So Elli and I are going to take him out and kick everyones ass! We will just tell them that we ae in anger management classes! LOL

So anyway, I am going to go chill and work on this baby quilt! Today has been a good day and I weathered the storms of yesterday. I am still standing.

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