Thursday, July 14, 2005

score! score! score!

So yesterday Elli and I went and hit a lot of thrift stores. I scored some awesome old pyrex! I am so thrilld to! So of the pyrex is called "hard to find". Anyway now I have to try to find a place to put it. Our cabnits are packed with all of my pyrex, so there is no more room there. I guess I am going to have to start putting the pyrex in the china cabnit. After all its not like we keep china in it.

Then last night I went and picked up a bear claw bath tub. The guy charged me 3 cases of corona, which is not a bad price since I can sell the tub for $1,000! So, I an going to spend the day scrapping of the old paint and rust. I cant wait to see how this tub turns out. I am one step closer to getting everything to re do the bathroom!

I talked to a guy last week and he said that he could come put new porcelain in the tub. Then he asked me how much I was paying for this tub, so I told him and he choked on whatever he was drinking! He has people calling him and offering him $1,000 for an old tub! He said it is a new craze, but I am not going to sell mine.

So anyway Rusty is going to go buy a grinding wheel so that I dont have to use a brush. And we are going to try to clean the tub with some clr and see how clean it will come. I asked Rusty to pick up a couple of maskes because I am sure that the paint on the tub is lead based.

I am also going to take before and after pictures of the tub and have them framed, so that we can see how it did look, and how great it looks once it is fixed up.

I am off to grind rust off the tub!

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