Sunday, July 31, 2005

a day filled with love

Today was such a nice day! I took Rusty out to buy a model to build. Rusty said that is was beginning to go stir crazy, so this model should help keep his hands busy.

Then we took a nap. That's right a nap. I loved just laying there next hima nd being able to hold him and touch him. Just being able to lay next to Rusty is a turn on. Now that might sound sick or strange, but now that I realize that life is short, the little things mean a lot to me.

Once it cooled off this evening Rusty worked on his model and I actually got to work on the tub! I am just about done with getting the rust off! My neighbor, Alex, is going to bead blast the feet for me! So soon it will be ready to be primed. I am not going to paint the tub until I am ready to install it, but I am just happy to be working on it again.

Tonight I actually soaked in the tub! It felt so good to chill. Life is good.

I did tell Rusty tonight that if nothing happens to Hazel, then I am walking away from the post for good. I do not want to be around when Hazel is mean to someone else. Rusty said that he understood, and that was the end of that.

I need to try to find someone who can fix the air conditioner in Rusty's truck. Wou;dent you know it would give up the ghost when we need it! Rusty doed not handle the heat at all, so he cant drive his truck. I know that someone nice will come our way and that they will fix it. I just need to wait.

Well in the a.m. we have to go see the vet. rep and then in the afternoon Rusty has a doc. appointment. It looks like we will have another day of running,but that is o.k. Rusty and the children are doing great, so life is good.

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