Wednesday, July 20, 2005

so much for doing my hair

So the children wanted to talk to Rusty this morning so I called his room, only to to fund out that they had taken him for the die test already! So much for doing my hair all nice. I had to bolt out the door.

Well we got the hospital that we wanted. the v.a. transfered him to a hospital across the street!Rusty had the balloon put in his heart and he came out of that with flying colors. What a relief. Rusty had 95% blockage. So he will have to be on meds for a long time to prevent anything from clotting he balloon.

I am on empty right now. I am just worn out. I dont know how much longer I can keep juggling all of this. Spend time with the children, go see Rusty, clean up the house, answer phone calls..............Lord give me the strength to make, because I cant break down now.

So I get this message on the machine that Nikki did something funny today, so I called the house to find out what was going on. It seem that Nikki caught a bat! A BAT. Then she brought it in the house and it got loose, so she had to catch it again! The things our children do when we are not around.

Today I was in the cafiteria waiting on a sandwich when this little boy walks up to me and says that is a cute dog. I have a purse with a dog on it and he was pointing to it. So, I got down on his level and we talked for a while. He told me about his dog, and how he could not play ball this year. Then I introduced myself, and he " hi I am brock and I have cancer, but I get to go home in the morning!" What a reality check for me. So I went to the gift shop and bought a live strong band, so everytime I see it I will think of him.

I still need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor, run the sweeper, load the dishwaser, and clean the hallway bathroom. Oh, and I got to pack some snacks for Rusty. Well there is no sense in talking about it, I better go get some of it done, so that I can get some sleep.

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