Saturday, July 16, 2005

not much going on right now

Well it is 5:30 in the morning and everyone is sleeping. It is nice to be up and moving and not to hear any noises! It is not often that I have the house to myself.

Last night Rusty said that he wanted to go to the post for dinner. I asked hm what they were having for dinner and he something called European food. So I blew it off thinking that he might forget......... no he did not. I wanted to stay at home and grill something, but we went out anyway. I was told to pick my battles carefully and I figured that this was not one worth fighting. so I got dressed. I told Rusty not to buy me a ticket until I saw what he was serving, but he bought me one anyway. So we go and sit down. I was served a big plate of rice with meat and veggi's, chicken in some sauce, and noodles with more vegi's.

Now this might sound o.k. to some people, but we have been married for a while and rusty knows what I do and do not like. I hate rice. I hate dead cow, I hate cooked veggi's, I hate everything on the chicken except the breast. I got served dark meat.

So I picked through the noodles, and they were o.k. then I thought o.k. I will give the chicken a try. It was so spicy that I wanted to gag! I hate spicy food! I do not even like pepper! So I set the plate of food aside and tryed to act happy. Rusty end's up taking my plate and eating most of it. Then he say's would you like to stop on the way home and get something to eat? No! my insides are on fire from that one bite of chicken.

Then this guy we know sits down to eat dinner with us. Now there is another couple at our table that Rusty was talking.......anyway the guys are talking about the hell's angels. Like I know anything about them! Then the guys start talking about post bis. well I am staying out of that! So this guy Doug say's to me "your not talking very much" Well what the hell am I suppose to say?! The dinner sucks, flames will soon be shooting out of my mouth, I know nothing about the hell angels and I dont care what goes on at the post! Oh and I was grounded today so I could not do anything except sit on my ass! I just smiled and said that nothing was wrong.

So then Rusty says lets go to the bar and have a smoke. Sounds good to me because I wont need a lighter to light my smoke! I will just use the flames that are coming from my mouth! So we go to the bar and Rusty walks off to talk to other people. Great now I am sitting there alone. The bar tender walks up and askes me how I liked the dinner. I smiled and said that it was o.k. She looked straight at me and said "you did not like it" and walked away. Bitch I did not say that! I was trying to be nice.

So today the girls have another car wash to raise money for their trip to mexico, and Rusty has a distric meeting. So it will be just Ryan and I most of the day. I am going to get some stuff done around here and then work on the tub. We are suppose to go over to some friends house for a cookout, bu I am not sure if we are going to go.

o.k. I have to go get everyone up!

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