Wednesday, July 13, 2005

up and moving!

man it is early! For some reason I just woke up. What the heck is that? The sun was not up when I was up! LOL

Yesterday was going a long, nice and slow. I got so much done and I even got to sit and veg in front of the t.v. Then the evening came. I had to run to dance. then some people that we were bringing into the bis. showed up an hour early! I was still in a t shirt and short's....and no bra! Then Rusty and James were running late, I had to leave to go get Amber. So James showes up as soon as I am walking out the door. Then Amber's try out's run late. Then Nikki calls me wanting to know what is for dinner. Hell if I know! I am sitting in the car.

Well I get home and Elli had gone and gotten pizza and our bis. has grown by two. Now all of this is good new's, but I was just in shock at the condition of the house. Everyone was eating holding the pizza, and I had to drink milk from a wine glass! Oh well, It would not be the Nelson household if everything did not go wrong all at once.

Our friend Julie is a strong believer in what comes around, goes around. Julie and her husband Alex are such nice people and they will help anyone who need's help. Well, Julie has been driving around in a van with no air and the windows do not go down. The van is just in bad shape. The yesterday someone sold her a great car for $200! This car is great, and the people just wanted to get rid of the car. I guess what comes around goes around!

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