Sunday, July 24, 2005

pondering a few things

Growing up I always had family  and friends around. My mom was an only child, but my father was number 2 out of 7! My sister and I would spend our summers with many relatives. Our "family" was also made up of close friends that would often stop by and hang out.

I grew up not to far from Chicago. For fun we would run the streets of chicago. The good streets and the not so good streets. I learned fast how to get by! LOL

Last year Rusty and I met a gentlemen named James Bond, and yes that is his real name! James also grew up in chicago, and we even ran the same streets and ate at the same places. Needless to say, james and I hit it off.

James learned quick that everything is fair game at the Nelson house. If you are hungry the you better raid the fridge before someone else does. So the other night James did just that. James took out a whole roasted chicken and just started eating it. There was no need for a fork, or a plate..... yes he ate the chicken right out of the container. Then I joined him. We must have stood in the kitchen picking at this chicken for about a half hour. Keep in mind that while we are eating there are a ton of children running in and out of the house.

The next day James called me and told me how much he enjoyed that evening. He said it reminded him of the old neighborhood. That felt good to me. It meant that I am still down to earth even if I live in the land of fruits and nuts. It means that when the chips are down our home is filled with people that love us. It means that when someone does you wrong the rest of your "family" will be there and will kick the ass of anyone who tries to hurt you.

So when James called the post and gave a Hazel a good talking to I was not shocked at all. I have since learned that James has pissed Hazel off, but I will not be loosing sleep over that!

I did however write a letter to the post complaining about how I was treated by Hazel. I was told that I had to be there for the meeting, because Hazel has a right to face to her accuser. What I really want to do is take her out back and just kick the shit out of her, but I am growing as a person and I am trying to do things the right way.

Rusty and I actually slept all night. Rusty is feeling so much better and he is starting to get around a little more. Today he walked to the end of the street and back, I know it is no that far, but I am so proud of him for trying to get back to normal.

Rusty is also feeling useless right now. He feels like he should be up doing something. And actually there is a lot he wants to get done, but it can wait. I know how hard it must be on him to do nothing!

Well I have started a new baby quilt for this lady down the street. I have never done this design before, so I hope she likes it.

I am going to go finish sewing and finish enjoying a very quiet day.

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