Friday, July 29, 2005

great day

Today was another good day. I am sure glad that it was a good day because I need some.

I finished a baby quilt for the lady down the street. I do not know Jeanne very well, but last Christmas she sent down some home made goodies. Well last week she stopped by to take Ryan to v.b.s. Anyway I told her that I can not even cook slice and bake! This is true. I burn slice and bake cookies. So we got a good laugh. Well today I went down to her house and told her that I may not be able to bake, but that I could sew, and I handed her the quilt. She was in tears. I am glad that the quilt made her happy. It is just a little thing that I like to quilts

The girls off at a youth group get together, so I took Rusty and Ryan out for ice cream. We have not actualy gone out for ice cream in a long time.

In the morning I am going to run away with a friend. We are just going to go hang out and do nothing. I love hanging out with girlfriend and doing nothing.

I must say that I think I want to smoke because now I am putting on weight! oh well I am sure I will lose it. I am back to walking two miles a day, and next week I am going to start lifting weights again. I need to get into my old work out.

Well I am off to work on another quilt. I have never done this pattern before so we will see how it turns out.

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