Saturday, July 23, 2005

very slow day

I am just so happy that Rusty is home! We have not really done anything and that is so cool with me. I am just happy to see him sitting on the sofa.

I had to go out again and buy some more heart healthy food. I was so shocked at how easy it is to find those foods. A lot of the packages now have the big red heart on them.

Well the sign is still on our door! So far no onr has brought booze or smokes into the house, and it will stay that way. I dont care what people say about me, because until they have walked in my shoes they will never know I scared I was, and how greatful I am for another chance to spend my life with Rusty. Now I know..... not all booze is bad for you, however when it says on the warning not to drink......then that is what it means.

I think I am going to go do a little cleaning and then try chill before I have to cook dinner. Today is a slow day and that is fine with me!

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