Monday, July 11, 2005

not in death valley

Well the race in death valley is on. I am a little bummed that we are not, but it is o.k. I keep checking the web page for the race, but so far there are no up dates. Curt runs this race every year and I give the man so much credit for just getting out there. I dont know if I could do it, even if I was in great shape.

We have a house full right now and it is great. All five of us, elli and the little girl that elli is watching. Then another friend is coming up tonight. It is nice to have a full house, and to be surrounded by friends.

We all went down to the lake today. Man it was nice to cool off! It was only 106 degrees today! LOL. I am off to cook some dinner and chill with my friends and family.

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