Monday, July 18, 2005

good day

Rusty had an o.k. night. He said that he did not sleep much, but that he felt better. The swelling has gone in Rusty's face and he is starting to look normal again. Today I gave rusty a bath, and brushed his hair. He was able to brush his own fangs and he said that made him feel good. Oh! he is finally on solid food, that has really made him happy.

The v.a. is full, so a lady is coming in, in the morning to get Rusty on medi cal, so that we can get him transfered to loma linda. I am really hoping for loma linda because they are awesome!

I came home early today so that I ould get nap and spend some time with the childen. I was napping when the door bell rank and I was pissed because I had just gotten to sleep. So I answer the door and I am looking at these two guys, like who in the hell are you? Then the guy say's maybe I am at the wrong house, is this where the Nelson's live? I said yes, and then he introduced himself. He was the youth pastor at the church where the girls go to church. They brought us dinner! I was so happy that someone was thinking about us.

The a member from another post called and asked what they could do. So I requested some frozen dinners and easy stuff for the children to make so that if I am not here they will have food that they can fix. They said not a problem that they would be happy to help. AWESOME!!!!

Then I run something down to the post that Rusty belongs to. The bar tender chewed me out because I asked for food for the children. She asked me if we had any money. I told her yes, but that I have not the time to go shopping, and that I want to make sure that the children are fed if I am not at home. The lady told me that I needed to find the time to go shopping and to cook! That was uncalled for! who in the hell does she think she is. Has she ever tried to juggle a sick husband, three children, and still try to run a household? I will not let her steal what little good news I got today.

I am off to bed. I am going to go visit rusty in the morning. I love that man more then anything. I want him home, but I want him home well.

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