Saturday, July 30, 2005

stronger then ever

Today I went and had coffee with a friend. It was nice to get out and just hang with a girlfriend. After we had coffee we went to a clothing exchange. I scored a lot of nice clothing for free.

Then I went to wal crap to get the children a slip and slide. It has been so blazing hot here and I figured that they could use some relief. While at wal crap I found some awesome material with dragonfly's on it. So I am going to make myself something special out of the material.

I am working on a very simple quilt as a thank you gift for one of our friends who was there for us when the chips were down. Rusty and this guy go way back.

I am going to go to the distric meeting for the v.f.w. just so I can ask this Jack Smith guy what he said to Hazel and ask him if he would put it into writing. I want Hazel removed from the post as a bar tender. I am no longer worn out and stressed out, so my mission now is to make Hazel's life a living hell.

Rusty had a good day, but he still cannot be in the heat and he still gets worn out after very little walking. I know all of this will change, but I am glad that he resting so that his heart can heal.

I called my parents today and my dad is hanging in there, He is still sick, he still cannot feel the ground below his feet, and he is still....... well he is hanging in there. My mom asked me how I was doing and I told her that I am now well rested, and stronger then ever. I am ready to take on the world again. Life is good.

My boss called me yesterday and asked me if I would want to come back to work. I jumped at the chance! Rusty is not happy, but he will get over it. Rusty hates my job bcause I work in the heart of the ghetto, and because it is nights, and because my boss has been shot at, and because there was an attempted stabing there a few months ago. However my boss pay's me cash and it is good money. We can use the money to pad our savings account and to get the girls ready to go back to school. Life is not easy, and I have to do what I have to do.

While Rusty was in the hospial he asked me to call his mother. I did not. I actually had a friend call her. I told Rusty tonight. Rusty was not upset. I just explained to him that I could not handle her at the time. She would have been no use to me. She cannot handle all three of the children and the last thing I need is her stressing the rest of us anymore. Rusty said that he understood and he said that he would call here, however I am hoping that he just never gets around to it. Is that mean? Or just the truth.....which might be mean? who knows.

Well I am off to bed. It has been an awesome day!

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rtgilmore34 said...

Kelli, I can't stand my monster-in-law either.  You are not alone.  Hey, when worst comes to worse, dig a hole in your yard, line it with plastic and sit in it.  Then you have a redneck pool!  Hahaha.  Chin up.  
 ---Love, Renee