Sunday, August 14, 2005

a day of walking

Today was filled with walking! but hats o.k. It was not to hot today so Rusty and I went up to the outlet mall and walked around. I am glad that he is able to walk a little bit more everyday.

Then for some reason tonight I was just full of energy, so I went on my normal 2 mile walk, but I still had energy so I kept walking. I cant wait for the new high school to open because then I can walk on the track and do some stairs.

So one of our friends might be coming back here for school. Thats cool, I love Tony, except he wants to see me in my birthday suit. Now I dont see what the big deal is. He saw me wear that suit swimming last year! But hey, since I missed his birthday I am going to ask him if he would like to watch me take a shower. When I told Rusty this he just laughed and said go for it! Hey if he wants to see my body then bring it on. I think it looks good for all I put it through!

I talked to my boss yesterday and told him that I need to work. I explained everything that went on the last few weeks, so as soon as work picks up he will let me know and he said that he would give me all of the hours that I wanted. I have asked for extra hours in the past but he would ask me not to take them because the other girls really NEEDED the money. Now I really need the money, so he is going to give me all the hours I want. The best part is,,,,,,,cash!

As for the post on last entry. Hazel could have gone to the meeting where my formal complaint was read. I really did want her to know how bad she hurt me and how to just see the look on her face when the letter was read. But that chapter of my life is closed and I am moving on.

I would love to go sit on the beach, watch the sun go down and have a few drinks. I need to hire some good looking guy to take hois shirt off and wait on me all day. Then someone will have to drive me home! Yes I am a pig and yes I like to have eye candy. However the only eye candy that I am unwrapping and eating is Rusty.

Life is good and all of the walking has cought up with me. I must go crash.

Today I am thankful for the cool weather.


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