Thursday, August 18, 2005

found child

Well the missing girl finally called her mom. It seem that one of her friends told their dad that this girl had no where to go. So... this grown man picks up a teenage girl and takes her back to his place, so this girl and his son can?????

I so dont get it. oh well

Today was a good day. I got my full work out in today and I even managed to make a really good meal for a change. It was not to hot today so Rusty was able to grill, Which he loves!!!

Rusty and I told the girls the other night that they needed to start getting up earlier and start getting ready to go back to school. Have they done that? no! So we are letting them sleep in until noon and stay up as late as they want. They are big girls, so thet will find out on monday that 5:30 comes early when you went to bed at midnight!

Ryan is doing awesome in his school work. I am so happy that he is learning more then the schools could have ever tought him.

A lady we know stopped by with a ton of food! Her mom works at a food bank so she stopped by and asked if we could use any of this stuff. She gave us so much food! I am very greatful. She actually gave us more then we could use so I gave some to my friend Julie. I dont mind sharing and giving when I have it to give.

Life is good. Today I am thankful that Rusty got to do something that he loved.....GRILL

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goodwilltramp said...

Hey there Kelli,  I got the kitten today.  I'm giving it to my little sister for her B-day.   ANyhow,  do you want to BBQ on Sunday or  I'm off Monday?  I'll have to bring kittie though.....get back too me.   Love you lots,  ELle
   And yes,  I've been drinkin g