Wednesday, August 24, 2005

not much going on

Yesterday was a very slow day, but that is good. I am almost done with my project. I have two items left to sew and the machine took a crap. So I am going to spend the day trying to fix it. Rusty thinks I should just give it up and go buy a new one. HMMMMMM.............

Rusty has been having a lot more good days. I am so glad to see him up moving and not being worn out from walking down the hall.

I love thrift stores! I think more people should shop them. I actually shop thrift stores and yard sales for stuff I need before I buy it new. There is just something about taking something old and using it again. And even if it is not an old item at least I saved money because I did not pay full price for it! LOL I say that I am frugal, but rusty says a cheap. I know that I am right!

So anyway I am off to start my day.

I am thankful for the cool mornings where I can sit outside and drink coffee


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rtgilmore34 said...

I am sad that summer is almost over....