Sunday, August 28, 2005

getting ready for work

There is not much going on around here. I have to work this afternoon so I am doing laundry and trying to clean up the house. Now that is what I call fun.

All of the cat's including Elli's have taken to climbing the screen door. A friend suggested that I get a spray and and squart them when they do this. They only do this when Rusty and I are sitting on the front poarch. Rusty also thinks that all of the cats are taking all of his blankets and bed space in a hope that he will sleep on the sofa. I think Rusty needs to find something else to worry about!

Rusty said that he would build me a little "screened" ( actually it will be chicken wire) for the cats. We are going to have the entrance going out a window! LOL Yes this is another one of my ideas and like a good husband Rusty is going to build it for me.

We have an old camper shell for his truck that I am going to list on craigslist. I am going to ask $50 for it, or I will trade it for tile or a sink for the bathroom. If I get one of those items then it will help me to keep my bathroom re-do under $1,000! Then I can also take the tub in and have it sandblasted.

Well I am off to finish laundry and chill for a little before I head off to work.

Today I am thanful for a husband who puts up with all of my hair brained ideas.

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rtgilmore34 said...

Rusty is building you a little "screened" WHAT???  You didn't explain!  Throw me a frickin' bone here!  LOL.  What, on Earth, do you need to do to your bathroom floor now?  I know Butch laid linoleum in there for you just a few years ago, and then you re-did it after that.  Were you using a jackhammer in there again?  LOL.  What's Craigslist?  I'm gonna go check it out.