Friday, August 12, 2005

the girls are back!

I am so happy that the girls are back from camp! The house just was not the same without them. I love the noise that they bring into the house.

In the morning I get to face Hazel. I am so calm about the whole thing. I am not sure if I will be that way in the morning, but for now I am not even worried about it.

Well Amber was not the one that got hurt at summer camp. This trip it was Nikki. She has this huge bruse on her tummy. I tried to figure out how it happened and I can come up with is water balloons and a sling shots. I think that is all the info that I need.

So my friend Ray says to me that he saw the perfect car for me today. It was a v.w. bus painted pink with yellow flowers and peace signs on it! He is right that is so me. Since Rusty is a chevy man I am stuck with a chevy. I am still trying to throw away all of the furniture so that I can get bean bag chairs. Rusty does not see the humor in this.

O.K. so maybe I am a throw back from the 60's but that is me. My hippie clothing, my hippy views on raising children, and my hippie views on the enviroment. Well... that is just me. I dont think people would like me if I was any other way.

Rusty is out with a friend tonight. I am glad that he went out. He needs to get out and be with his friends. I am just so glad that he is feeling better. Next week Rusty starts all of his treatments. I am hoping that they will lower his blood preasure med, so that he can do more things.

I was watching Oprah the other day and she said something that fits my life now. Our life is not over, it has just been altered. That is so true. Our life will never be the way it was before, but  we will have a life.

Today I heard Rusty complaining to one of his friends. He was complaining about the blood thinning drug that I allowed the doc. to give him. The drug is like drano for the body and it gets rid of blood clots. There is a 1% chance of bleeding into the brain with this drug. Well anyway Rusty was complaining because his eyes are still not all healed up and he is still not hearing good out of one ear. I let Rusty know that I was the one that who signed the paper for the doctor to give him this med. I was the one who took the chance, so if he wants to be mad at someone then he needs to be mad at me. If I was given the chance to do it all again I would. I will take no hearing and red eyes as long as he is still up right!

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