Monday, August 29, 2005

to many questions!

   o.k. it is 2 a.m. and I put on the water to make some tea. So I figured I would check my e mail and write. Man! so many question!

O.k. here it goes. Rusty is going to build me a room that is outside, yet screend in so that the cats can go out. The entry way in to the cat house will be through one of the windows on the back poarch.

Whats craigs list?! You dont know about this. O.k. here is the link.


Now about the bathroom. I am doing a total gut on the hallway bathroom. I am going for  total 20's style bathroom. If you look way back there are pictures of the tub that I am redoing!.

There is a wood working place by where I work, and we all share the same dubpster, sooooo...... I got a bunch of wood out of there tonight. I told rust that I was going to bring it home. Anyway he said that if he could not use it for the cat house and if we cant find another use for it, we can always burn it! Yes everyone I go dumpster diving.

Tonight was crazy at work! I was told that it will only get worse when the other petition comes out. Great!!!!!! NOT oh well at least I am working.

Rusty called me at work tonight to tell about the famly on extreme make over home edition. This gal had to have some work done on her heart on the only place in the country that could do it was loma linda! The same hospital where Rusty had his heart work done. I wonder if Rusty knows how hard I fought to get him to loma linda. When there was not a bed open and they said that they wer going to send him to l.a. or san diego I pitched a fit. I wanted loma linda. I want the best for th love of my life. When people would say that they were going to pray for us I asked them to pray that we got loma linda. On the day that Rusty got transfered we were told that he would be staying where he was for another day, and then out of the blue they said you leave in an hour! I was so happy. I knew that Rusty was going to the best place and that is what I wanted for him.

well I am going to go sit on the front poarch and finish my tea and then go to bed.

right now I am thankful to home and that my family is safe in bed.



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rtgilmore34 said...

Hey, if you just type in without the "San Diego" part, it opens up a whole new horizon for you.   What a cool website.  I had no idea it was worldwide.