Saturday, August 20, 2005

dont know what to say

Well today has hust been great. Amber came outside to try to tell me that she was sorry. I told her to keep it, because she is not sorry, she is just sorry that she got cought.

I have no feelings over this. All I told her was that she better be damn glad that she is not 18, because if she was then her ass would be out on the street. I am not stressed, I am not angry I am just nothing. I have no feelings on the subject.

Then come to find out that ikki was out running the street last night. Great. I did not ask her about it because I dont feel like being liad to. I just told her that her life as she knows it is over.

Did I mention in my last post that someone opened the hampsters cage and Rusty found the head of one of the hampsters.

To top it all off I had to take the girls shopping for school clothes. I bought Ryan three t shirts today. One says sister for sale. The next one says sister for broken and ready to work. The last one says I'm the good kid. The girls saw no humor in these shirts

On a good note my boss called me and I start work tomorrow! Thank God for the little things.

Today I am thankful for work.

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