Friday, August 26, 2005

Rusty was thinking of me

Well yesterday I asked Rusty to stop at the pet store and get one of the cats a harnes and a chain so it could go outside. Yes that is right I now chain up one of the cats. He loves to g out, I am so scared that he will get hit by a car or eaten by another dog.

So while Rusty was at the store he saw another hampster that looked just like the one that died. He brought it home for me! He said that he knew I was worried about the other hampster, because she was so lonely that she was not eating. So I named the new hampster T.G and it stands for tiny girl.

What do I do for work? I work for a guy that does the petition's. I actually sit behaind th computer and check to make sure that the people are registered voters. If I am not doing that Then I am stamping voter cards, checking voter cards, or doing what ever else needs to be done. The reason my boss has been shot at is because he pays some people in cash because they dont have bank accounts.

We requested that Amber be put in some harder classes to give her a challange. Amber thinks that we did it so that we can watch her fail. Rusty and I told her that, that was not the reason. We want her to have to try at school this year and not just fuck off. We also told her that we both will be here to help her and that there is tutoring if she needs that. What we want is for Amber to face a challenge and tackle it head on. We want her taste success!

Nikki said that I was a cool mom. She caled me at work last night and asked me sew up her jeans. So at 1:30 this morning I was patching jeans and doing it so the stitching would not show. Nikki told Rusty that I was cool for doing that and that she would not have done that for children.

Today I am going to clean up the house, help Ryan with his school work and maybe catch a nap. Nothing to excieting, but everyonre needs some slow days.

Today I am thankful for  child that thinks I am cool.

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