Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rusty says that....

Rusty says that I spoil all of the cats. I think they are pampered. I asked Rusty to go buy a harnes and a leash for one of the cats. Yes I actually want to let cat out. Rusty thinks I spoil him.

I am sewing some quilts for the cats. They like soft things to lay on. Rusty says I spoil them and that I have lost my mind.

I give the cats milk in the morning and peas at night. They cats love this and the will wait and howl until they get it. Rusty says I spoil the cats.

I have to work tonight and I am glad about that. I dont mind working and the money is good.

The girls have ben good for the past few day's, but they have been on lock down. The girls are not allowed to go anywhere except school, they are not allowed to use the phone, and no one is allowed to come over. It sucks that it has come to this, but I am not sure what else to do at this point.

Summer is coming to an end. I like summr and I had a lot that I wanted to do with the children. Well.... not this year. There is always next year. I love sitting on the beach, planting flowers, and smelling honeysuckel. I will miss summer.

Well I am off to start my day!

today I am thankful for the little joys of summer.

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rtgilmore34 said...

Yes, you really have completely lost your mind!  Cats don't give a flying *$%# what they lay on Kelli!  I think you may be suffering a complete nervous breakdown!  LOL.  If your next door neighbor starts serving Fancy Feast, they will no longer be YOUR cats.  They will move there.  Keep making the quilts though, I know it makes you feel better to do for otheres, even if it is cats.  In honor of Smokey, and the day he was almost hanged without a trial.  LMAO!  Anyhoo, what exactly is it that you do at work?