Wednesday, August 10, 2005

went to the o.c.! LOL

Today I went to San Juan. I just wanted to get away and do nothing. I wanted to talk to no one. I wanted to have time to think, destress and renew myself.

I walked around the shops and I found a great little shop that sell nothing but silver and turquoise jewerly. That is my favotite type of jewerly. One of these days I will be able to afford to walk in there and buy what I want.

I walked through this antique store that had a ton of Pyrex! With what that store store was charging.... well lets say that I could make a lot of money selling off my pyrex.

I ate lunch at this little coffee shop across the street from the mission. This place had one of my favorite treats....7 layer bar! If I ever made these bars at home I would be so fat. I would eat all of them and not share with anyone.

Then I drove down the coast and stopped at a beach. The beach sure was beautiful.

The ocean smelled so salty and good. There were no clouds in the sky and a very nice breeze was blowing. The blues and greens of the ocean were so bright. The ocean even sounded good. I love the sound that the waves makes when they hit the sand and the rocks. Truth be told I just love the ocean.

When I am at the ocean all of my negative thoughts disappear. The ocean is good music for my soul.

Rusty and I are so different when it comes to the ocean. I would be happy to live on the ocean and Rusty hates it. I love to swim, boat, and walk on the beach. Rusty hates all of these things. Dont get me wrong. Rusty will go to the beach with me, but he will not have a good time while we are there.

I guess that is one way in which Rusty and I are different. But that is o.k. because if we were exactly a like that would be no fun.

I saw a couple today taking a video of the ocean. So I asked the coupl if I could take a picture of them. I not only got to take a picture of them, but I also got some video of them in the ocean. It was the first time either of them had seen the ocean.

Tonight Rusty and I went to the store and got some lunch meat and just made sandwiches for dinner. It was nothing fancy but it was good to just be with Rusty. I am now more calm and I am ready to take on the world again. I finally got my get away!


san juan


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