Wednesday, August 17, 2005

some people are brain dead!

So we get this letter from one of the hospitals that Rusty was in telling us that we owe them $29 for his medical records. Now I dont have a problem with paying the money, but why dident they tell us this two weeks ago?! These records were suppose to be sent to the review board for Rusty's disability! So now not only do we have to drive these records to San Diego! If this brain deaf lady had told us this 2 weeks ago we would not be doing all of this running around no! I hate stupid people.

So I saw this really cool place ( I call it a house) and I told Rusty that I wanted him to buy it for me. So on our way back from the hospital (because of brain dead people) I told Rusty that I would show him this place. As soon as we turned on the street he said I am not going to buy you a church! How did he know that I wanted a church? Rusty about lost it. He cant believe that I want a church. Now think about this. Plenty of bedrooms, plenty of toilets, a kitchen, achoir loft so we can make our own music. It would be perfect. But nooooooo Rusty thinks that I am just wrong. I think he needs to step out of his box.

I am so glad that the girls go back to school on Monday! I so need a break.

Anyway, I started doing yoga and using the bowflex again. So now I am back. I walk two miles a day, train with weights and do a lot of stretching. It is nice to be bck to me.

So I am off. All of the children are gone, so I am going to go spend a few hours with Rusty. Just the two of us!

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