Friday, August 19, 2005

I have done nothing today

I have done nothing today. I so sick of being broke and I am so sick of nothing to do. All I did today was sit on the sofa and eat. I did wash up some of the dishes and took out the trash. Big fuchking deal.

I cant wait to go back to work just to get out of the house!

A lady I know stopped by and offered me a job today. She ownes a shop and a booth at a swap meet. So she asked me if I would want to sell some quilts there. She will buy everything and then pay me to make them. Well it sure beats the hell out of sitting on the sofa all day.

I guess I can say that I have done it all now. I have run a day care, work fast food, cleaned houses, made care parts, flipped pizza, etc.... and now I can add quilt maker to my list. I dont really like the idea because quilts were something that I would make for people that I knew and that I would give away to them. Now I am going to be sewing quilts for strangers. Oh well, the money will help out. And I have always done what I needed to do to get by. So I guess this will be no different.

Rusty is back to wanting nothing to do  with me. Enough said there.

Today I am thankful that it is almost over.

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