Monday, August 8, 2005

pissed off

Now I have been trying to keep my cool and I have been trying to blow people off, and I have been trying to be like Ceasers wife, but I swear I am going to blow real soon!

The other day Rusty went down to the v.f.w. because they are trying to put together a color guard. There was also a poker game going on, so Rusty sat don to talk to some of the guys.

Hazel opened her mouth and said well if they are hurting for money then why is Rusty playing poker. That bitch. I am so mad and i am ready to blow. Rusty is going down thre in the morning to talk to the bar manager about her. But that will do no good since she is his bitch. I want to go down there and lay into Hazel and see just how well her pace maker is working.

I can say that I found the lowest group of people ever. ( there may be a few who are not) There is no integrity, or respect down there. I dont see why people would want to be involved with them. They do nothing good for anyone, except at Christmas. So why bother.

I will never go there agian nor will I allow our children to be around these people. I want our children to be around people who will lift them up and give them praise, not people who are negative all the time.

I will shelter our children and myself from these people. We do not need to be around negative people. If Rusty wants to be around then that is fine with me, but I will not allow those people to drag our children and myself down.

I knew this would happen and now I am pissed off at the vet rep. People need to learn to keep their mouth shut. I guess I am no better because i am sitting here running them down, but at least I am speaking the truth. I would love nothing more then to pass out flyers with this web addy so that everyone down there would know how I feel. But I would guess that 99.9% are so old that they cant even turn on a computer.




rtgilmore34 said...

I never cared much for the VFW.  It's a bunch of old farts who had their hey-days many years ago and tell the same stories over and over again.  They also feel like everyone owes them something.  Don't get me wrong, I respect any veteran who has served our nation, especially one that has served in a foreign war.  My friend Pete, a Vietnam veteran, was released from the VA hospital in Westwood with dementia in June of this year.  They didn't even notify his family, they just let him walk out in his PJ's with no ID or money, or any idea where the hell his home was.  He has lived in Lancaster for 40 years.  The story was covered on the KTLA news, in the Los Angeles Times and in the Antelope Valley Press, our local paper.  When his wife Kathy called the VFW post in Quartz Hill because one of their "brothers-in-arms" was missing and she needed moral support and assistance (not financial), they told her they couldn't get involved with that kind of thing and not to call there ever again.  She called back again and they said to her" I thought we told you not to f*kin' call here again!!"  His family and closest friends all searched for Pete for a month.  His body was found within 2 blocks of the VA hospital in a homeless encampment under the 405 freeway.  He died of dehydration, with NO HELP FROM HIS BROTHERS IN ARMS AT THE VFW.  
    But hey!!!  If you need a group of drunks to march in a parade, call the VFW, you can usually count on them to do that!
      ---Renee (daughter & wife of a vet)

rtgilmore34 said...

That vet's full name was Peter Miller, if anyone wants to read the full story in the paper or online.