Monday, August 29, 2005

a horse in our yard

There is a lady that rides her horse around and today she stopped and started talking Ryan. This lady is so nice. I sat outside with her for a little over an hour and we just talked. Her horses name is hurley and he is so mellow! So ryan got to ride hurley, so ryan had a good day. I still cannot belive that this horse just walked around our front yard1 LOL

We cleaned out our garage tonight. Now we have to make a dump run in the morning. Rusty finally started throwing away alot of shit that he does or has not used in so long. It is amazing that one man can have so much stuff! Then again both of his parents are pack rats.

Tonight while Rusty and I were talking he said to me that he has never seen a women own nothing and be proud of it. Well he was talking about me and he is right. I own nothing that holds any value and if it all dissappeared I would be fine. Am I strange? I do not "own" the furniture in our house, as a matter of fact I can name the items of furnitur that I actually picked out and like. I would be sad if I lost all of the childrens pictures. Anyway, Rusty has so much stuff that he can look at and it will trigger a memory, I do not have that. I think Rusty is the lucky one.

I talked to an old friend tonight and she said something that really made me think. In short she wants a baby. We know a lot of couples that want babies. What is up with that? Why are all of our friends childless and there are day that we want to give ours away? One day all of our friend will have children and they will be awesome parents because they have wanted it for so long.

Our house refi is almost done and I am so happy!

Today I am thankful for a clean garage.

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