Monday, August 22, 2005

nice to work

Well it sure was nice to get out of th house and go to work last night. It was nice to see alot of the people that I have known for years.

Our friend Elli came last night and once I got home from work we sat outside and talked for a while. It is nice to have someone to just sit and chill with. Elli said that she wants a marriage like mine and Rusty's! Elli said that Rusty's eye lit up when I came home, and he even made sure that the girls left some food for me! The only thing is, is that mine and Rusty's relationship was a very long time coming. We both had bad relationships before. So for us it was more that we knew what we did not want in a relationship. I know that Elli will find someone and when she does I will be so happy for her.

The girls are at school. I love hearing nothing in the house. Lets face it Ryan is a calm child. I am really hoping that the girls have great school years. Both of them are on the dance team's at their schools, so I am vry proud of them.

Rusty cut his foot last night and it was bleeding. I asked elli to make sure that it had stopped and then Rusty got mad at me and hung up on me! I know that I worry way to much, but I cant help it.

Today I thankful that I still have the ability to hope.

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rtgilmore34 said...

Hey, is Elli the young gal you know from Alaska?  Say hi for me.  Anyway, I can vouch for you when you say your former relationship was bad.  I remember how you worked long hours at Wendy's in Indiana when the nights were freezing well into 20 below zero weather and you had to bring food home from work for your girls.  Where was your ex-husband Dan?  Laying his ass in bed because he was so tired from studying all day because you were working your ass off to put him through college!!!!  I remember.  I was there!!
  Love, Renee