Monday, August 22, 2005

good day for school

Both of the girls had a good day at school! I am so happy for them. It was nice for me to have a break from them.

So I got a wild hair up my ass and I am now working on a project for a friend. I am doing it without her knowing! I love surprising people. Anyway Rusty thinks I am crazy, but that is nothing new.

Rusty came in today and said that he was having a hard time catching his breath. So I called my mom to find out if that was normal. She said yes and no. So I just kept an eye on him and once he got into a cooler place and sat down he was good. This is another thing people never told me.

So I am keeping Elli's cat while she is in Alaska. The kitten is so cute and her name is dipstick! O.K. so the count is now 4 cats, 1 dog,1 hampster, and some fish. Not to bad.

I scored some more pyrex today. One of the pieces I got is from a childs play set in the 40's! each piece goes for 50 buck and I paid a 1 buck for it! I got this other bowl, but I cant find it in my pyrex book so if someone come across it while surfing e bay or something please let me know.

The pictures are of dipstick and Mrs. Cleo sleeping togather and of the bowl.

today I am thankful for thrift stores

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rtgilmore34 said...

Yes!!!  Good day for school and for thrift stores for me too!  I started back to school today too.  My Human Anatomy professor told us we needed to get a lab coat for Wednesday's class.  I called around and the cheapest were $30.  Good old thrift store in Lancaster had two of them that fit me perfect, practically brand-new, no stains...$2.99 each!!!  SCORE!!