Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big Babies

So they other night I was laying in bed and I rolled over and looked at Rusty and said " you know I never wanted boy's, so how come a house full of them?"

Rusty said "Well do you want me to tell them to leave?"

How did my life get filled with guy's. One day a was a just a housewife and a mom to three children and the next day my house is packed with big boy's.

One day it was one of the marines birthdays, and we did not have a lot of extra money so I sewed HER a blanket for her birthday. Then CJ and Jake started to pout and asked where theirs were. So I made them blankets.

Then Kevin, CJ,Jake and Beth leave for Iraq and they have their blankets in tow. They looked so cute. Big bad marines with loaded weapons marching off to war and carrying their blankets!

While everyone was in Iraq I made two more blankets for two marines over there.

Then everyone comes home and we meet some new marines. I got manny's blanket done and I need to work on a blanket for Dustin and Chris.

Man I am tired just trying to explain all of this!

Anyway, CJ and I were talking one night and he said to me " We were out on patrol and we was going to get a few hours for sleep before we had to start to move again. I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it. It was strange, but I could smell home, and it took me back to a time when we would bbq and laugh around the fire."

That made me cry.

Last weekend Jake and Chris were in the kitchen and was standing by the breakfast bar. Jake something about being a marine and I said " Oh that's right you are a big tuff marine that takes his blanket off to war".

Jake just looked at me and smiled and said "damn right I do and I was warm"

Chris said "wait a minute you made Jake a blanket?"

Jake said " no she makes everyone blankets"

Chris then looks at me and says " well where is my blanket"

OH my gosh! They were like children comparing new toys. I told Chris that I would make him one.

I went to bed that night and I told Rusty "I am glad that I have a house full of boy's and I am glad that they love me. I am glad that I have started making quilts for all the marines, and I will continue to do this for a very long time."

Life is good and when you give to others it is even better.



hsauls said...

Have you read the Purpose Driven Life? What if God put you here to provide comfort... ? You do...

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, too funny about  the blankets, Hugs Lisa

plieck30 said...

I'm going to call you the blanket lady. Paula

magran42 said...

If yu have shown these blankets, I missed it.  Could you post a pic of the next one.  Thanks  

lurkynat said...

youare sucha wonderful person Kelli! love,nat

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))ou are a bessing to be doing this for all of them.Its cute that they all want a blanket.If I knew how to knit a blanket,I would help you out and send you the blankets.I have always wanted to help out in some way.I love to give,it makes you a happy person.Just like when I make beadded jewrley,I would make them for friends and send them to them.havent send any to my J-land friends.But if you would like,I could also make some beaded jewrley,I know you have alot of guys,but,I would love to help,if you need anything,just let me know.Have a nice Wed.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Kelli...you are such a blessing to these guys! :o) They may be big bad Marines...but down deep, just big boys that still need a nice warm home made blanket made with love! :o)

deshelestraci said...

Great entry!  I wondered how you ended up with all these guys at your house!  Makes perfect sense now!

helmswondermom said...

That was a wonderful entry!

gehi6 said...

That is a cute lovable story.  You know I believe they got comfort from your blankets because all the people my sister Ann made quilts for swore by them.  She went once to a cousin's house and his little kid came out dragging the tattered remains of the 'blanky' she gave him when he was a baby.  They said they could not get it away from him!  I so appreciate your taking the time to tell stories about your soldier boys.  Keep it up!  Gerry

beckerb6 said...

what a wonderful entry. What a precious treasure you give them, friendship,  memories of good times and blankets to keep them warm.