Tuesday, April 10, 2007

tattoo's and money


I guess I should start with the tattoo. Yesterday afternoon Kevin and Dustin decided that I needed a tattoo. So they brought home some fake tattoos and gave me two of them. Dustin took this wet cloth and just soaked my jeans and under ware. We were all laughing and Dustin called Rusty and left him a message, so I ended up e mailing Rusty some pictures. Rusty was not happy! Later in the night when Rusty got home we talked about it. He was not mad if I had indeed gone and gotten a real tatoo, but Rusty was upset that I did not to him about it first. Rusty also thinks that I do not need a tatoo. O.K. that was a bad joke gone bad and I have learned two things from it. 1. I hurt Rusty. 2. I am so very lucky to have a man that loves me and he does not think I need body art.

As for the money topic.

Nikki went to high school orientation last night and she came home with a list of activities that she would like to do. That is fine and I do not have an issue with that.

My issue comes with trying to teach Nikki how to set priorities and how much every thing cost.

Nikki wants to do volleyball, o.k. not an issue for me. However volleyball camp goes at the same time she is suppose to be at my mothers. I told Nikki that she would have to choose. I was told that I was being unfair.

Nikki wants to do cheer leading. If Nikki makes the squad then the total for uniform shoes and pom poms is $750! I asked Nikki how she planned to pay for it, and reminded her that once she paid the money that she did not get that money back if she just gave up on it. I got the look of well aren't you going to pay for it?

Then Nikki wants to play softball. No issues there.

Nikki and talked about the whole money thing. I reminded her that she still has a missions trip to raise money for and that if she does make the cheer leading team then she will have to make the money for that as well. Nikki was not happy with me last night.

Here is where I am coming from. Yes, we could give Nikki all of the money that she needs. However will that teach Nikki the value of a dollar and how to work for what you want? Am I the only mom out there who does not just dish out money?

Yes, I want my children to chase their dreams and I am willing to HELP them. However I do not feel that we should pay for everything. Oh I do not know.

Today has been busy for me and I do not see an end in sight. I swear everything just crept up on me. That's o.k. I am just taking it one task at a time.

Yesterday I was asked what type of quilt I will be making and how in the world do I find time to do it. Well I am making a simple quilt for one of the marines. I really do not have time to quilt, but I just make the time and let something else slide. I enjoy making quilts, and so far I have made 7 quilts for marines, countless pet quilts (  I give to shelters) and all of the quilts for the house.

Well I hear four loads of laundry calling me, so I better get them folded.



magran42 said...

I admire your training skills with your teenagers.  They will be so much better off because of it.  I hurt my husband unintentionally about a year after we were married (46 years ago) and it still makes me sad when I think about it.  When they're good like yours and mine, they are worth EVERY consideration.  You do a good job.  Sometimes accidents just happen.  We have to get over them and move on.

deshelestraci said...

Good for you, Mom.  My parents gave me everything and never expected me to pay my own way.  Let me tell you that real life was a rude awakening!  It took me years to quit "borrowing" money from my parents and stand on my own.  I say "borrowing" because I never did pay them back.
$750 for cheerleading?!  Someone has got to be crazy.

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, you are a great mom !!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

beckerb6 said...

I agree with you handing out money teaches a kid nothing. I think you are doing a great job by teaching them to work for what they want.

plieck30 said...

Both my daughters had to work and buy their own first car. On the other hand my oldest granddaughter was given a brand new jeep liberty in high school. Yes the parents can afford it but in my mind there is a what if. What if she marries a poor man. Well probably poor is a bad choice of words but a less successful man then my s-i-l. I think you do a wonderful job with Nikki. Paula

helmswondermom said...

I think you're doing your kids a great service by having them work for what they want.  At the same time, they know that they can depend on you to give them "help" along the way.

lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli,
Interesting entry.. though I have to admire the fact that she wants to do cheer leading and volley ball!
good luck with the quilt!