Wednesday, April 11, 2007


When we moved into this house there was a huge honeysuckle bush right out side the front door. A few years ago we had to rip it out because to much of it was dead. A few months ago Rusty said that he missed the smell.

So I went and bought some Jasmine bushes. They smell so good! One day when Rusty came in the house he said that those bush just filled the air!

So I am on the hunt for good smelling and drought resistance plants. I have three rose bushes that need to bloom! I bet those will smell good. Today I planted this bush that has purple flowers on it and it smells so good. I just know once everything takes root our yard will smell so good.

Today I also planted two cherry tomatoes plants and a watermelon plant. I still need to get the sun flower seeds in the ground, but I am sure they will wait for another day.

I just love growing stuff. I think I am going to turn our whole front yard into a flower garden.

Today while I standing in line a gentlemen says to me "I love you dragon tattoo!" I looked down at my arm. Then the guy behind me says"I love your Celtic cross!" O.K. now someone is looking at my ass. I called Rusty and he just laughed. I guess I am going to get rub on tattoos more often!

I have had such a great day! I am going to take advantage of day's like these!

Liz sent me this video, so I am going to try to share it with everyone. O.K. that did not work, so clink on the link! LOL




plieck30 said...

When I see or smell honeysuckle I think of my grandma. She had one by her back door. Paula

magran42 said...

Trailing gardinia make a good border....smell great and stay small.  I vote for the cross tatoo (if we are voting).  I like the colors and the sparkle.  

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))Hey,can you come down and plant pretty smelly flowers in our yard?lol.My Mom would be so would love to see pics when you are done.Is it hard to plant flowers?I always wanted to do it,but,it seems hard.Maybe I will try and plant something this summer.But I wouldnt even know were to begin.Have a nice night.

louiseb411 said...

Sounds like you are busy. I do like the tattoo although I think fake ones are best Louise xx

acoward15 said...

Red dragons are a little too Welsh for my liking.

deshelestraci said...

I always start out with great intentions of planting and creating a beautiful garden.  Then reality sets in.  I never get it done!  Good for you getting it done.

lurkynat said...

hope that the graden is great1 funny entry Kelli

gehi6 said...

I went to youtube and watched the video.  So proud that you are thinking of every way you can to relieve the burdens of the soldiers who are too often the forgotten men.  I see that your blog is on the most commented again today.  I came from there.  So is Paula's of Country Thangs.  You both cheer me up and we need that, too, with so many people suffering such debilitating medical conditions.  Going to their journals is sometimes like going to hospital.  They are so sick.  Sometimes critical, so we also need cheerful souls like you and Paula.  Keep up the good work.  Gerry